Cisco 7204 VXR

Product Code: Cisco 7204 VXR

To ensure a smooth transition for Cisco® 7200 Series NPE-225 Network Processing Engine customers, Cisco is providing a similarly priced, higher-performance bundle. The NPE-225 network processing engine has reached end-of-sale status, along with the related bundles. Cisco is now introducing the Cisco 7204VXR NPE-400 bundle.

Upgrade Paths
The new NPE-400 bundle is priced at a similar level, but offers a higher-performing engine than the end-of-sale NPE-225 bundle (part number 7204VXR/CPE). Also included in the bundle is an I/O controller with the choice of two Fast Ethernet or Ethernet port adapters. For details about the new NPE-400 bundle components, refer to Table 1.

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